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Account Name: Brain and spine surgery Ltd
Account Number:
0451200991 (Naira Account)
0451201101 (GBP)

Sort code: 058083257
Local Branch: 8b Buchanan Crescent Wuse 2 Abuja

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  • The Registration and Consultation fees is (N50, 000) Forty Thousand Naira only, payable at the first visit before seeing the doctor. Follow-up fees are N10, 000 per visit, but these can be waived at the discretion of the doctor. Surgery and care fees will depend on the specific case and treatment plan.
  • Surgery fees are all inclusive for care and should be paid 100% before commencement of the surgery. Patients should note that payment can be paid to the cashier or accounts officer. Please kindly collect a receipt. Payment could also be made through the bank, by internet transfer. If payment is made through banks, electronic payment, evidence of payment such as teller, bank transfer form etc. should be provided to the cashier who will issue a receipt.
  • Complaint or issues concerning payment or fees should be directed to the relevant department or the doctor. Suggestions, observations and opinions are valued.

Providing you with a medical report

Providing you with a medical report

We have a professional obligation to provide a report on your medical condition. Any such report is confidential and we would ask that you provide us with a signed written request. Please also specify the purpose for which the report is requested.

We are entitled to a reasonable fee for the preparation of this report. The fee is dependent on the complexity of the report to be generated and the purpose.



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