Elo Valentine Chinonso


Elo Valentine Chinonso is a physiotherapist at BASS and hails from Ezeagu, Enugu state.

To him, BASS is a community with people of different ethnicity, culture and religion.

Where team management is fully expressed.

As a physiotherapist working with BASS has added to his values both in terms of patient management and education as well as public rapport.

‘All kudos to my chief, PT Mbamalu Chibuike who increased my passion for physiotherapy’, he says.

Staff normally call him Valoo, but his real nick name is ‘Tu le sporte’ ‘ (you can him for the interpretation and pronunciation).

Val’s hobbies are reading, writing and researching, though people see him as anti-social being because he is quiet and easy going.

He sees life as play and not ‘ a too serious’ type of person but discharges his duties to his very best.

He so much believes in ‘let go’ because a better one will surely come and yes, it has been working for him.

Likes* integrity and hardwork
Dislikes* Neglect and injustice

Favourite food: Egusi mixed with Oha soup and akpu




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