Ezike Ebuka Chukwunonso


I’m Ezike Ebuka Chukwunonso; a Physiotherapist.
My very close friends at BASS (The Three Musketeers) call me Dachito
I’m from Ihe in Awgu LGA of Enugu State
BASS has, and always would be a fun place and workplace for me because of the great staff. My very first aim when I’m meeting with a patient for the first time is to make him or her Laugh. That’s my strength. Oh, and I love challenges!
I have a very high self-esteem which some term “PROUD”. They forced me to accept this!
I don’t make decisions quickly, but at the same time I work perfectly under pressure (This would probably not make sense to you but it’s true).
I have low attention span, so you better be making sense or you’ll be getting “are you serious?”, and “for real?” responses from me.
My quotes: You don’t know how powerful a spoken word is; speak it into existence. Build a rich inner circle, work with your heart and your head
Likes: working hard, dancing, sarcasm, Dressing down, spontaneity, Mind games, and A bloody FOODIE.
Dislikes: Lies (I will always find out, but I won’t tell you), and uninteresting people
Hobbies: Playing Basketball, writing books and official letters, ‘gisting’ with the Musketeers, hanging out.
Best Food: I have a sweet tooth. If it tastes good, bring it baby! Ama eat it!!



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