Fesojaye Olukorede Emmanuel

Customer Service Consultant

This is Fesojaye Olukorede Emmanuel.

I hail from a small town in Ogun state.

I work at BASS as a customer service consultant, a marketer and I’m part of the logistic team.

Working with bass has been a positive experience in my live, the environment, the team…one can’t ask for more.

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made is to work with BASS!.

One of many things that makes me happy here is when patients comes around and they make a remark, ” are you the Emmanuel I have been talking to?? Oh!! You are nice, thank you”

Errrr……I like to be called kayglobal as my a.k.a. It reminds me of the part of me that’s greater than me.

I have always loved soccer. I still play soccer, and my favorite player has always been the English soccer maestro, Paul Scholes. I’m a Man U fan, oh!

Let me add this, CR7 is better than Messi, take it or leave it.

My likes:: Success
Dislikes:: Failure

My favorite quotes::
1. Everyone is worthy of redemption.
2. Whatever we do today echoes till eternity.

My best food:: Any food that’s well prepared and taste good, but I will soon become a vegetarian.




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