Obadiah Nehemiah

Theater Nurse

I am from Kokona, a local government in Nasarawa state. I am fondly called patron Nehe, at the office. “After graduating, I had fears and battled uncertainties about the future”. “I had hoped of locating and subsequently joining a medical team, locally, delivering quality health care services, to humanity at large”. “Fortunately, here I am, delivering excellent quality care, patient centered, consistently and with great clinical outcomes”. “What a dream come true for me!” The meticulous competence of every member of staff, cannot be overemphasized, as it remains my mantra to keep pushing forward. In time, I will intimate you about the life transforming experiences I have had in the theater (and there in lies my passion in this career). I am eternally grateful to BASS for the building capacity policy that has birthed this reality. My happiest moment at BASS is seeing many depressed people, secondary to pain; coming in on admission and returning to their various homes discharged as victorious warriors, having the problem of pains solved and with a renewed hope that life is worth living again. That joy, nothing compares! Now, with smiles, I confidently look at their smiling faces and say: “The Pain of parting is nothing compared to the joy of meeting again, in good health.” As at today and beyond, I must say, without mincing words, “BASS is the home for brain and spine surgery I can confidently refer anyone to and then, go to bed and snore away”. Favorite food: Beans and Bean pudding (Moi Moi). My favorite quote: “When you become competent, you can name your price and the world would thank you for it. Hence, don’t envy results, seek to know the process.” Likes: Recognizing one’s self worth, Constructive criticism, Sports (football), Listening, Reading. Dislikes: Unwholesome talks, Underrating a person’s ability, Hypocrisy.



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