Motorcyclist Survived Head stab by passenger

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Motorcyclist Survived Head stab by passenger

A motorcyclist in Nasarawa state was stabbed in the head by his passenger, in an attempt to steal his motorcycle.

While he was already bleeding profusely, Dr. Odia and members of his staff at Pan Raf Hospital quickly admitted him and stabilized him before sending him over to the Brain and Spine Surgery, for expert management. They did all these without charging a dime.

, we sent him for a CT brain scan to see what damage the dagger had done and the likely injured structures in its path through the head. His eyes and brain seemed well.

Under general anaesthesia, we cleaned the area thoroughly, and applied our sterile drapes around it. We then made fresh cuts in the skin to help expose the skull bone and the area where the dagger actually entered into the bone.

We needed a big hammer and an outstanding effort to whack the dagger back through its track in the bone.

Great force was required and this gave further evidence, attesting to the severity and savagery of the attack. He did not bleed to death on the table and instead went on to make a safe and satisfactory recovery.

, he is alive and well. We give glory to God. Another life saved.

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