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At BASS: BRAIN AND SPINE SURGERY, we are dedicated to helping people of all ages, with a variety of brain, back, neck and spine conditions, lead pain free, healthy lives again. We treat all types of back, neck, spine and spine-related disorders. We specialize in upper, mid and lower back pain, spinal deformity and unfortunately, trauma and tumor surgery. We have expertise in treatment of brain diseases, spine fractures, spinal cord injuries, and tumors of the spine.

We are a tight, cozy unit in Abuja perfecting brain and spine care the way it should be done. We will provide you with excellent diagnostic facilities, safe surgical intervention, or conservative care and follow-up management as necessary. At least in the management of brain, bone and

spine diseases: We can treat patients confidently.

Welcome to BASS:

We are happy but also sad to see you! We are sad that you have a medical problem that is bothering you. But, on the other hand, we are happy that you have chosen to come to us for possible solution to your problem. We value your trust and promise to do all in our power to help. We promise not to joke with your health and your well being will be our most important priority. The BASS team will not hesitate to move mountains for you in order to find a lasting and permanent solution (even if it means referring you to other experts).

We will do our best to help you and be truthful to you. We will support and care for you both during your stay with us and after discharge home. We will call you regularly to ensure you remain well and that you are on the way to full recovery.

International solutions, local destination.

At BASS, whatever we propose or do for you will meet international standards of care. The whole team has been carefully chosen and dedicated to their specific duties. However, we are a team and you will find cross cooperation among the staff to provide quality of care for you. We hope your stay will be short and memorable in a good way as we aim to return you to your own comfortable home in the shortest possible time.

Promoting quality of care locally

Many cases of effective and efficient management of cases of spine problems abound in Nigeria. However, many people suffer from not knowing what is available locally.

Tell your friends about us

We hope to satisfy you. If we meet your expectations, please do not hesitate to tell other people. Just simply ASK them to contact us on 081-2222-1616. However, if we fall short of your expectations, please do not hesitate to tell us. It would help us improve our shortcomings and provide better care in the future. Please tell us before you leave and as soon as you discover anything you are unhappy about.

Some key bits of information for you

The reception

The reception desk is geared towards providing you service with a smile. We will attend to you promptly and provide information as required. Our receptionist is the main contact person and will help deal with your enquiries. Call us on 08122221616. The reception also takes your details for registration and will conduct the necessary documentation. There are other telephone numbers for contact and an intercom service. We will provide more information for you on admission.


We have 24 hour security and the gates are closed firmly at 7 pm every night. We will not allow anyone in the building except after serious scrutiny and confirmation from the doctor or a patient already on admission. There is closed circuit TV operational in the communal areas throughout the building.

Safety concerns

We encourage you to be safety conscious at all times. Please do not tell the whole world you are here on admission. Keep it to only those who need to know especially family members. Please do not encourage everyone to visit as they all come with their own germs at risk to your health.

Internet access

Limited internet access is available in certain areas. Please ask the front desk for assistance.


This can be arranged on request. However, we will change your bedding regularly or on demand.

Newspapers and books

We endeavor to provide newspapers at the weekends. You can also have access to our library of fiction books on request.

Abuja Dance and Fitness Class

We hold a dance and fitness class every Saturday morning in the car park. You and your family members are welcome to join in. The nurses will help as necessary with your mobility and access. Water will be provided for you. This service is currently suspended.

How to pay us?

We bank only with GTB and have found them perfect for our purposes.

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